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pak vs india T20

So we lose once again to india in a world cup (though it was only a warm up match). Our bowling and fielding was all over the place. The overall body language of players was kinda laid back.. Younis struggled to set the ryt field as indians went for the kill and hammered almost everything away to the boundary. Our batting was okay, though i guess we should ve made altleast 40 more given the kinda start that we had.......khair  Younis bhai continues to get out in an overly ugly manner....yea he almostfell over attempting a reverse sweep and got stumped. The only good thing that i think came out of the match for pakistan is the new quicky Aamir. He s both quick and accurate and can do real well if allowed to ball with the new ball. khair i really hope that we defeat india in pool matches this time around.
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