Khan Elie Gohar Durrani (aliani4u) wrote in pakistaniz,
Khan Elie Gohar Durrani

Why do we have to be ruled by the corrupt?

Its such a misfortune of my beloved motherland Pakistan that whoever leads it has some kind of a corruption case against his back. The Co-Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Mr Asif Ali Bhutto Zardari, who was once called as Mr 10 Percent because he would take commision at the rate of 10% on every order that he would make in the Two terms  Prime Minister Tenure of his Slained wife Benazir Bhutto, & that is why he was jailed on charges of corruption for almost 8years, but in my country no matter how much corrupt you are once your party comes into power you get cleaned of every charge as if u were just born.
Mr Zardari's Party came into Power in the Feb 18 elections after which all the cases against Him were finished partly because of N.R.O which was bieng introduced to clean the corruption charges from the politicians-How Pathetic!!!!!!!
After the resignation of Musharraf as the President of Pakustan Mr Zardari is bieng nominated as the Presidential candidate by his party  which in itself is a voilation of the constitution of the country which clearly cstates that The Candidate for the Office of President be an individual not attached to any political Party as He is the symbol of Unity of the Federation. But to Hell with the constitution-who cares????
Comes then Mr Zardari qualification which seems to be Fake for most of the people liking because authoroties of London school of economics when approached clearly said he was not a student of the institute from where Mr Zardari is bieng said to have his BA from.. BUT WHO CARES????
On 6th September i.e the day of election of the President Parliament and the Provincial assemblies will elect with certainaty Mr Zardari who has now became Mr 100%. and so i am hopefull that he will throw us into such a situation from which God forbid there is no return because we have seen this in the past whenever the Govt of PPP finishes or is thrown away the Country financially is at the verge of bieng vanished.
May Allah Almighty Protcet us from that day .....aswell as bless us with a true leader who dont think of his Personal commitments but is truly devoted to the motherland
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