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pakistaniz's Journal

LJ's Official Pakistani Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to pakistaniz. The Official livejournal community of Pakistani people.

Everyone is welcome here:
  • Pakistanis, residing in Pakistan, or anywhere in the world.
  • Non-Pakistanis but their parents, grandparents or relatives are Pakistanis.
  • Non-Pakistanis but would like to make some Pakistani friends, or have discussions etc.

    This community was created to allow people to discuss about Islam, Pakistani music, culture, cities, social/personal issues, marriage, parents, hadith, Islamic events, Pakistani events, politics, cricket, health, pakistani food or recipes; about anything and everything under the sun that is related to Pakistanis.

    Due to time constraints, and a very busy schedule I am unable to constantly monitor the happenings in the community. As this is an open forum, I would appreciate if everyone takes care of this community as their own. Please do not do anything that is harmful, threatening, distasteful, or offensive to others in the community.

    So go ahead and have a great time. :) This is all yours. I know that there might not be many pakistani's in here at the moment, but if you feel you want to share, speak out, then do it! This is YOUR pakistani community.


    Unite, and spread the love.


    Please put your longer entries under lj-cuts. Command for Lj-cut is < lj-cut>YOUR TEXT GOES HERE < /lj-cut>