Muhammad Talha Bhutta (randomstufff) wrote in pakistaniz,
Muhammad Talha Bhutta

The Leader I Want

I will follow a courageous leader into the deepest miseries of time and judgment. I will follow none except the one who is true. Leadership is not won by vote or by power, but it is from within. It is the charisma that you are born with or you acquire by study of self. I will follow one who is honest. Whatever ethical plane you hold yourself to, you are responsible for a nation, and your decisions will sway the future of the whole nation.
My leader should be able to Delegate. Delegating the task to the appropriate people. I don't want an illiterate Minister for Education, I don't want a criminal as a Minister for Law, I don't want a Minister of Health who owns some popular restaurant chains and supermarkets that serve customers food that contain detrimental matter.
My leader should be Confident. Part of your job as a leader is to put out fires and maintain the team morale. A leader without balls to stand for righteousness is no leader to me. I will follow the one who can stand in front of Obama without pissing his pants, and would tell him that we won't be taking dictations for our foreign policy anymore. He would show India the stuff we are made of. He would have the will to take hard decisions even if they make him look bad, even if he is hated for them, decisions, but he would take it because he could. That’s why I will follow him.
Leadership is not a trophy that is won, it is a responsibility that is given to the chosen one. Whenever I see an elected representative cheering when he wins an electorate, I am saddened, because he has no idea of the sacredness of his oath. They don't even know the mere immensity of the responsibility that the people whom he represent have trusted him with. He considers it to be some kind of a game that he won by his own cunning and power. Alas! How wrong he is, it is a cruel thing to bestow such responsibility on beings as dumb and naive as he is.
I hope one day a leader will rise among us who is both strong of will and sharp of mind. And whose love is the motherland and whose faith will never crumble. He will lead us through the impenetrable darkness that we are lost in. I have faith and I have hope, for hope is the only light I see flickering in this darkness of a realm.

O you who believe! Be afraid of Allâh, and be with those who are true (in words and deeds).
(At-Tawbah 9:119)

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