mbilalkhan (mbilalkhan) wrote in pakistaniz,

Boycott Dutch Products

Assalam Walaikum!

As most of you already know that Geert Wilders (a Dutch parliamentarian who himself claims to have links with Mossad and has visited Israel 40 times to meet with Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert personally) has recently released a film 'Fitna' which depicts Quran and the sayings of Muhammad (S.A.W) as the main motivation behind the terrorism in the world. In reaction to which muslims have threatened to boycott Dutch products.

In a recent development, The Dutch Employer's Association has threatened to sue Geert Wilders if Dutch business's worldwide suffer loses due to the commercial boycott triggered by his film. Source

So I request you all to please boycott the following products.

PS. Keep in mind that the products and companies shown above are only those Dutch companies which operate in Pakistan. If you are located somewhere else than look here to find out which companies and products to boycott.

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